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A Dubious Position

I have read a few if the books in the Dubious series and I really enjoy them. They are a fun adventure story and really quick reads. In mystery #7 Banyon's companion Loni and the Patel sisters are off on their own treasure seeking adventure leaving only Banyon, Eric and Wolf on this particular mystery.Mexico and the U.S.are having strained relations because of the drug cartels and corrupt policemen. The president needs Banyon's help in finding has granddaughter who has been kidnapped in Mexico. He assigns him to the law firm of Dewey and Beatem, whose employees all have special and unique skills.The ladies of the firm all want to make Banyon more than a friend. There is a hit squad after Banyon and Eric. They never give up so Banyon has to eliminate them.Banyon sets up a meeting with the hit squad in order to kill them. After all is taken care of Banyon decides that because of her jealousy, Loni needs to know very little about this adventure.